List of vacancies:

  • The electrician of the dispatching equipment and teleautomatics;
  • The operator of wastewater treatment;
  • The electrician for repair of windings and insulation of electrical equipment;
  • The electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment (work on a substation day after three, have the form of tolerance over 1000 W);
  • The gas welding (Urgent!) Soldering with soft solder;
  • The turner (4-5 category) with work experience;
  • The termist work experience, knowledge of the process of tempering, tempering parts, mold presses, knowledge of hardness measurements, ability to work on HDTV installations, determine chemical composition "on a spark" and styloscope;
  • The debugger of machine tools with SC and manipulators (milling group);

The main wealth of the Company is people. JSC "Rawenstvo" pays attention to the development of human resources and training of qualified specialists, creation of favorable working conditions. Employees of JSC "Rawenstvo" are united by support of the goals and values of the Company, focus on results, honesty and responsibility, business qualities and high professionalism.

The company provides employees with a package of social benefits and guarantees:

  • Voluntary health insurance ;
  • Provision of medical care in the medical point of the Company, the conduct of annual periodic medical examinations;
  • Payment of a preliminary medical examination in hospitals for employment;
  • Free provision of workers with overalls, personal protective equipment and corporate uniform;
  • Compensation for work in harmful or hazardous working conditions;
  • Sanatorium-resort treatment of employees and their families in the boarding house "VOSTOK-6";
  • Granting of preferential permits in sanatoriums, rest houses and boarding houses;
  • Provision of employees’ children with vouchers to children’s summer camp "Karavella";
  • Granting of passes to the swimming pools and gyms;
  • Training, retraining, development of the second career, training of managers, professionals and employees at public expense;
  • Co-financing of employees' higher (second higher) professional education;
  • Organization of corporate cultural and mass events, sports competitions, creative competitions, excursions;
  • Rendering material assistance to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the workers of the home front, pensioners of the society;
  • Providing one-time material assistance: in connection with the marriage and the birth of the child;
  • Providing monthly food subsidy;

You can ask questions about free vacancies and employment by phone:

Personnel and technical training department: +7(812)252-92-74;

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

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